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I first heard about virtual photography sessions when I was listening in on a room on Clubhouse, hosted by the virtual genius himself, Tim Dunk. For those who aren't familiar with clubhouse, it's an app where people host rooms about certain topics; you can join the room, put your hand up to ask a question, and be invited onto stage to speak - pretty daunting at times, but it's a very friendly open space! It's amazing! As photographers, the majority of us are one-man-bands, this app allows you to really connect with people, share ideas, absorb information. I've honestly learnt so much and been so inspired from listening to them!

Anyway, back on topic, virtual sessions! So Tim Dunk, as far as I'm aware, is the leader in virtual sessions, in fact his whole business is basically virtual sessions! This is him if you want to check him out -

After hearing about it, I couldn't help but want to give it a go! I asked one of my clients (who was due to have a newborn session in January, but of course we had to postpone) if she wanted to give it a go, we did, and I think we were both amazed at what we could achieve!

So how it works.. You download an app called CLOS. We set a time (ideally morning), and when you are ready I send you a link to join my 'virtual room' which links us together as if we are having a Facetime, the only difference is, I am able to control your phones camera. So I will direct and position and then I simply click the shutter. All the images are saved onto your phone, you send them over to me, I edit them and then I send them back - simple as that!

So after completing virtual sessions for all my lovely clients I thought I would extend the offer to all those who are expecting this year! There are no costs involved, and all you need is a phone, a room with some natural light coming in and to download the app CLOS. You don't even need to get your partner involved if they are busy, we can use a baked beans tin & a hairband to hold the phone in place! I've shown an example below of a client I did this with.

I would love to capture more expecting mamas! It is rubbish we are in lockdown, but I really don't want anyone to miss out on having some lovely photos of their beautiful bump to look back on! Session will be max 30 mins, and we can work it around your schedule.

If you are interested to arrange a virtual maternity shoot, please email me at

Hope to see you, take care :)

Thanks for reading, Kelly x

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