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Updated: Mar 3, 2021

Rainbow Babies

After a recent shoot that I did for a 1st Birthday Cake Smash, I had a couple of my followers ask me what I meant by ‘Rainbow Baby’ and I was surprised that it wasn’t as well known as I thought. So I thought I'd do a little blog to share!

Being a Newborn and Baby photographer I understand how precious these little gifts are to families and everyone has their own unique stories.

A Rainbow Baby is a baby that is born into a family who have sadly suffered a loss previously, due to miscarriage, still birth or death during infancy, so this becomes the rainbow after the storm. It is a special way parents remember the baby that was lost, whilst celebrating the joy of the new arrival.

Everyone’s situation is different, and every situation comes with a lot of emotion and it can be an overwhelming experience for parents, so the term Rainbow Baby, though not everyone uses the term, can be an amazing and comforting way to acknowledge and name their situation.

Little Aisling was booked in for her 1st Birthday Cake Smash & Splash and Mummy requested the Rainbow Theme. We had a beautiful rainbow cake made by the very talented Jade Bakes Cakes, and although Aisling wasn’t too sure about the frosting at first, as soon as Daddy helped her get into the sponge there was no stopping her! Here’s a few from her shoot..

Aisling is our rainbow baby, born after we lost her big brother in October 2017.

We had to have an emergency c section as we had severe pre-eclampsia when I was 26 weeks 3 days pregnant.

We were transferred from Essex to Surrey to have the c section as they had a specialist baby unit. Alfred (Alfie) was then born that evening so handsome and perfect but so tiny at 410 grams. Alfie was a fighter and fought an amazing battle for 6 days including a transfer to another hospital in London. He amazed us both as parents but he also amazed the nurses and doctors looking after him. We were told that babies in similar situations had not survived more than hour following birth.

After Alfie passed away it is safe to say we were very much lost in a storm that came with an overwhelming grief. We still grieve him to this day, finding out we were having our rainbow baby Aisling we were terrified, but it made is feel hopeful again that we would be able to take a baby home in our arms where they belong.

We gave Aisling the middle name of Hope as she was our hope that we would find happiness again.

We refer to Aisling as our rainbow baby as she really does bring so much light into our world. We cherish every second we have with her.

We want to thank Kelly for capturing the most beautiful memories for us and Jade for such an amazing cake. They both listened to the theme we wanted and designed both an amazing set and an amazing cake.

Thank you Sinead for sharing your story xx

Thank you for reading, I hope that this helps understanding.

For anyone who is affected by this story or needs support there are some groups available that may help;

Kelly x

Gorgeous cake by @Jadebakescakes (instagram) -

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