Vogue Italia

Vogue Italia have a segment called 'Photovogue' where photographers are able to upload images to their portfolio with a chance for their image to be selected and featured. It could even be used in the magazine! Vogue Italia have a very particular style and their editors decide whether or not the image should be featured on their page #vogueitatlia #vogue #blackandwhiteportraits

Abi & Nahla VOGUE.jpg

This shot was taken back in January and we had a clear vision from the outset of what we wanted to achieve and I am so happy with the final shot. These two have such an incredible bond and it was so lovely to freeze time and capture in a photograph. #vogueitatlia #vogue #blackandwhiteportraits

harry VOGUE.jpg

Little Harry! I was photographing this pose from above, and just before I was about to pick him up for a new pose I decided to take this backlit shot from a different angle. Sometimes in a shoot you see something and give it a go not knowing if it will work or not, but this time it paid off! I love how simple the shot is, how his hand is laying on his tummy and his little feet highlighted from the light  #vogueitatlia #vogue #blackandwhiteportraits